Wishing our wonderful community a happy and safe holiday over the Christmas and New Year period.
Below are some key dates of our day and night markets.


Ramsgate (8-2pm)
– Last market: 24th December
– Resumes: 14th January 2017

Canterbury (9-2pm)
– Last market: 18th December
– Resumes: 15th January 2017


Peakhurst (3-9pm)
– Last market: 23rd December
– Resumes: 27th January 2017 (Last Friday of every month)

Canterbury Night Races (5-10pm)
– Resumes: 6th January 2017
– Markets: 20th January, 3rd of February and the 17th February 2017

New website launching soon, featuring interactive activities with prizes to be won!

See you all in 2017!

Support your local community

We aim to create a community with a common interest in fresh locally grown produce. We support local businesses and encourage local businesses to participate in our markets! Come and see the varienty of products we have on offer at the Foodies and Farmers Markets –
and meet like minded people to share and discuss information, tips and ideas.